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Recently for our clients, we have:

  • Audited the progress of a large outsourcing project for an international consumer products company. This assignment consisted of assessing the third–party data centre and networking providers with a view to getting the project "back on track".
  • Specified and selected the entire outsourced hosting environment for a fast–growing Internet marketing agency. This assignment consisted of selecting a virtualisation technology, storage area networking technology and a data centre hosting company.
  • Defined the approach to the integration of bespoke and off–the–shelf software for a major mobile phone network.

Previously for our clients, we have:

  • created an entire IT infrastructure for an online content service in concert with a network and hosting provider.
  • assisted in the agreement on Service Levels with internal groups and external providers at a UK broadcaster.
  • evaluated the options and recommended a way forward for the integration of an internally developed application and a commercial application at a UK government organisation.

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