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Oksana Wenger

Oksana Wenger

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Tom Northwood

Oksana Wenger is an experienced Administrator and has worked for RNX Consulting since its inception. She runs the payroll and accounts for VAT and Corporation Tax using Quickbooks, carries out bank reconciliations, issues and pays invoices and also deals with expenses. She has also created the company's policies and procedures pertaining to procurement and employment and she regularly updates these.

She handles all the day–to–day nitty–gritty paperwork that RNX Consulting generates so that their IT Consultants can give their full attention to the clients' business and technology solutions. All these tasks she performs with dedication and diligence.

She particularly enjoys writing – putting together bids, handling correspondence and is an expert at spotting errors either verbal or numerical.

As an HR Officer by training and experience, Oksana's forte is pinpointing and developing peoples' strengths and also for ensuring that everybody who works for or comes in to contact with RNX Consulting is motivated and satisfied.