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Tom Northwood

Tom Northwood

Certified ScrumMaster
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Tom Northwood is a Senior Technology Consultant with an extensive background in systems engineering.

His experience covers the entire life cycle from development, deployment and maintenance, to operations including network and systems management and monitoring. He is an expert in understanding and implementing the technology architecture necessary to support the business enterprise.

He has analysed, specified, designed and implemented many distributed systems using networking, application and database technologies in both an Open Systems and proprietary environment and has specialised for the last twelve years in the internet and its related technologies.

He has the skills and knowledge to assess the technical infrastructure of a company and its implications in terms of all aspects of service delivery and is, subsequently, able to provide technical direction of both a strategic and tactical nature.

He has led and, in many cases, provided detailed input to technical procurements – driving the overall process from market survey work, to developing the Request for Proposal, agreeing evaluation criteria, supplier evaluation and facilitating the final decision.

He has also conducted numerous reviews either to identify the root causes of infrastructure fragility or capacity issues or to ensure that plans and interim deliverables are sufficiently robust to provide a good basis for the success of a major infrastructure project.